Controle UMC prima uitslagen!

Controle UMC
Vandaag voor controle naar het UMC geweest, met de eigen auto, met de rolstoel. Ging goed.

Bloed geprikt en  gesprek hematoloog: het beenmerg doet het prima!


rode bloedlichaampjes 6,3
witte bloedlichaampjes 3,8
trombo’s 102

Bloedwaardes stijgen weer! 

(Er is nu dus geen bloedtransfusie nodig!!)

Ook de nier-/ en leverwaarden zijn in orde (Afwijkingen hierin zouden wijzen op afstoting).

De uitslag van de spiegel van de afstotingsmedicijnen volgt later. Op basis daarvan wordt wekelijks de dosering van het medicijn aangepast.

We zijn op de goede weg!!!

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  1. Juan, acuerdo! Y desde el punto de vista de la estrategia del Capital Humano, ésta debería apoyarse en los datos de estas ventajas competitivas que tienen las PyMes y focalizar en desarrollar estrategias alternativas ante la falta de talentos con experiencia (semilleros, prácticas de “shadowing”, etc)

  2. oldsailor80 | December 19, 2012 at 3:20 pm | Thank you so much for you very kind words. It is never a good time to go through this, but holiday season does not help.And, relative to your Medicare post just above, we just spent a week with relatives in San Diego. Many of them are seasoned citizens. They were all shocked to learn what happened to my mother and realize that their Medicare Advantage Plans no longer cover what they had thought. Not sure if that can be blamed on Obummer, but as that is quite likely – I’ll make it my current plan!All the best to you!

  3. Since the comments have wandered far from the topic of the original post and, in some cases, seem to be following well-worn tracks that are entirely predictable, I am exercising my despotic right as author of the original post and closing the comments. Thanks to all who made a positive contribution to the discussion.

  4. hey Nutnfancy thanks for the postcan you or anyone seeing this comment help me decide which one is the saw with the blade?i was looking at Amazon and I see 2 different ones, SSW-15 15-Inch and WDB-15S 15-Inch. one is $11 and the other one is $38. am i missing something or is it wrong or…??I’d appreciate it

  5. Mona Winberg skriver:Jag tycker stövlarna är sköna och trygga. Dock är det besvärligt när man kommer in i butik med hala golv att fälla in broddarna. MÃ¥ste först uppsöka en bänk och ta av mig stöveln helt. Höll faktiskt pÃ¥ att sätta mig pÃ¥ ändalykten igÃ¥r dÃ¥ det var marmorgolv i hela gallerian där vi var och dÃ¥ var man som Bambi pÃ¥ hal is…

  6. Oui, l’interview avait déjà été postée. Elle est intéressante d’ailleurs. ce qui’il dit sur le top 3 est assez décapant ret j’ai tendance à être d’accord avec lui. Tout ne va pas si bien que cela Clément: les audiences ne sont pas en hausse mais en baisse: la dernière finale de Wimby par exemple a juste permis à la BBC, Murray oblige, de retouver son audience de 1990…

  7. De, já lhe disse para ir brincar aos circos para outro lado e deixar os adultos em paz nas discussões sérias, que para isso não tem capacidade, nem possibilidade de “itervenção”… Não desço ao seu nível e apenas aprecio o seu humor circense.Xô, vá!

  8. 19 november 2012Hoi Bloem, ik denk dat alles al is gezegd hierboven. Ik dacht dat je wegschuurde… Door het sto! Over je pas gelegde houten vloer is scheuren beter dan schuren :)Ik vind het maar moedig zo’n renovatie en dat je nog tijd vind om erover te schrijven…. Ik lees je belevenissen graag, zie het allemaal zo voor me.En ik wens jullie nog veel succes met alles en doorzettingsvermogen.  

  9. ola tengo un niño con 12 años es guapisimo con ojos claroses fino como modelos y tengo una niña con 3 años ,con ojos azules con pelo muy largo y rubio muy guapa se trata de ver seguro que les salgan ganando,si lo veis en foto y en realidad ,me lo dais razon, muchas gracias,espero su contacto.

  10. Mr. Reid,You really are con­fusing mass and weight. In the article, you say “because Earth’s grav­it­a­tional field changes the same bar of gold will be meas­ured to have a dif­ferent mass in dif­ferent loc­a­tions. ” which is not true. Gravity affects weight, not mass.

  11. Patrizia – Jag är säker pÃ¥ att han kommer stormtrivas hos oss 🙂 I slutet pÃ¥ mÃ¥naden springer han runt i huset 🙂 KramMagnus – Tack! Känns konstigt och häftigt! :)Heli – Lite retligt kanske men med tanke pÃ¥ hur loppet var för mig är jag sjukt nöjd ändÃ¥ 🙂

  12. · Mr. Putter and Tabby are GREAT books!! My 6 year-old son enjoyed the ones that he has read! Maybe reading about others’ adventures in trying to write a book would help him try harder at his writing assignments.

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  14. Danna – I think you’re teaching him a valuable lesson letting him get by with older cars. I thijnk that teaches them to take care of what they have. Until they learn that, there’s zero point in buying them anything new.

  15. “Soon” has many definitions. If it gets that far, I promise I will let you know.Thanks again for the inspiration. Please keep playing and writing- you are touching many of us- even if some don’t feel comfortable acknowledging it on your blog.

  16. idk how to look at this, are you looking at it by the perspective that daft punk puts on a better show because they have more stuff? Ive seen skrillex a couple times and deadmau5 to, and i have to say skrillex is the craziest show yet, and if he can do all that with just a laptop basically then i say that says alot about his skill in music making compared to the others.

  17. I have 1200 unused MS points. I already got these games from XBLA. I don’t know what to do with my points. Are there any reccomendations(not opinions)? Maybe I should just wait for S4EP2…lol.

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  19. Hola? Yo estuve con dolores similares, tenia calambres en la parte derecha de mi cabeza me dolía el oido y la parte derecha de mi garganta, una amiga me dijo qEra el porq unos dias antes había tomado alcohol,o porque habíaEstado muy estresada!!!, también me dijo que podía injectarme NEUROBION asi lo hice. Y me tome unas pastillas para relajar los músculos.. Chao espero q lea sirva igual q a ustede!!

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  27. D’Alta: You are so right. Sometimes you have to get far away from something before you can see what you were in. That ship started sinking, but it had been soooo great, I didn’t want to get off. I stayed longer than I should have. Thank goodness I exited stage left when I did. I wish he would get counseling and commit to it. I don’t think he will though. And that is the saddest part. Eventually, he will have children who hate him because he keeps replacing the mothers who new & improved models. THAT is tragic. Truly.

  28. Her har det ogsÃ¥ vært en sÃ¥nn vi var ikke sÃ¥ flinke at vi kom oss ut. SÃ¥nn er det nÃ¥r mor i heimen har fÃ¥tt streng beskjed om Ã¥ ta det helt med ro i noen dager…Men kjenner at det hadde gjort godt for kropp og sjel og kommet seg ut i litt frisk luft. KlemHege-mamma til 3

  29. I’m in Naomi! I think 7 things each week is a “doable” goal for me. I just tossed 3 throw pillows and am going to toss 3 handbags. Although one bag is in good condition and I thought I read something about some women collecting of bags locally. Anyone know about this? Also tossing 2 items from kitchen junk drawer – is it OK to mix rooms?

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  32. Maybe they should re-write the law regarding perjury..break it down into degrees like other crimes. This way Libby would only be charged with third degree perjury. He lied about a crime that didn’t exist, so it’s not really like real a lie, right? Same thing with obstruction, he obstructed a crime that didn’t exist. Poor Scooter.

  33. Estoy muy contenta que Machu Picchu haya sido elegido una de las 7 nuevas maravillas del mundo.. realmente se lo merece porque es hermoso y uno se deslumbra con sus encantos¡¡¡¡VIVA EL PERÚ!!!!!!!!!

  34. Your dogs can catch bats? It sounds like they’re pretty agile. I used to have a cat that would occasionally bring me what I came to call “grisly gifts,” meaning the head of a bird or mouse the cat had decapitated, and I would marvel at how high she must have been able to jump.

  35. Bonjour et bravo pour ta carte Pascale$beaucoup d'idées sympas et belle reprise du thème des chiffres en fond pour un anniversaire!!des petits personnages rigolos donnent à l'ensemble un côté gai et coloré mais en même temps l'ensemble est élégant!!une belle prouesse!!Merci du partageBisesMC

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  38. BEAUTIFUL…Luda, it makes me cry everytime I look at these pictures! You have turned into such a wonderful lady. Congratulations to you both and remember to compromise everyday, never force an issue that isn’t important and enjoy everyday togeather. I am so happy for you!

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  40. So unverfroren und heuchlerisch war noch keine andere Bundesregierung wie diese. Mit dem Hauptprojekt Laufzeitverlängerung – mehr hatte die Bundesregierung letztes Jahr nicht vollbracht – ging man jetzt so baden, wenn der Beweggrund nicht so schrecklich wäre, könnte man glatt Häme verspüren. Das ist jetzt der oftmals angekündigte Anfang vom Ende der Regierung Merkel, davon wird sie sich nicht mehr berappeln.

  41. Why can’t we use a traditional big center for international ball? There are no “3-second-violations” in international ball, so someone like shaq can just camp in the paint and explode for 30 ppg. How come no one ever does it? (I understand why non-Americans do it, cuz they dont have as strong players, but American team should definitely take advantage of their physical players)

  42. Claudia, das ist sooooo lieb von Dir… Du weißt, ich lerne tagtäglich von Dir und Deinen Kreationen und mal ab davon, dass ich Dich als super lieben Menschen im I-Net kennengelernt habe, freut es mich mächtig, dass Du immer wieder bereit bist, Dein Wissen mit Anderen zu teilen, was nicht immer selbstverständlich ist. Vielen lieben Dank für die Mühe, die Du Dir gemacht hast – auf meine Wunschliste kommen nun ein Wassertankpinsel und Twinklings… xox

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